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Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

"Time Integration of a Geometrical Nonlinear 3D Beam Element Undergoing Large Rotations"
Ostermann D.

"Nacelle Health Simulation: Ventilation Analysis of an Aircraft Nacelle"
Diaz de Arcaya A., Garcia I., Ortiz de Zarate M., Gonzale Lazaro, Usattore L.

"Numerical Modeling: From the Microstructure to the Fatigue Life Prediction of a
Critical Component for Turbo Engine Application"
Gallernau F., Boittin G., Kanoute P., Locq D.

"Vibroisolation of Railway Crossing with Adjustable Pulling Force as Function of Loading"
Adamczyk J, Targosz J., Gardulski J.

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

"A New Methods Identification of Acoustic Patterns"
Wszolek W., Batko W.

"Modelling and Energy Prediction of an Industrial Cement Clinker Grinding Circuit"
Touil D., Belaadi S., Frances C.

"Work Life Balance Policy in Human Resources Management"
Beck-Krala E.
"Cycle-Cynchronous Methods in Turbine Engines Diagnosing"
Cioch W., Jamro E., Wielgosz M.

"FPGA-Based Portable System for Rotary Machines Diagnosing"
Cioch W., Jamro E., Wielgosz M.

"Electroactoustic Methods in the Vocal Tract Diagnostics"
Wszolek W., Klaczynski M.

"Utilization of the Sigma Point Approach to Realize an Efficient Six Sigma Parameter Optimization"
Engesser M., Buhmann A., Franke A.R., Korvink J.G.

"Numerical Solution of Inviscid and Viscous Turbulent Subsonic and Transonic Flows"
Trefilik J., Kozel K., Prihoda J.

Friday, July 9th, 2010

"DEARSUN, Space Heating and Hot Water Production by Sun-Derived Energy"
Cacavelli D.C., Blandin D.B., Baldo C.B., Prunier Y.P., Rodriquez J.L., Rey X.

"Evaluation of Indoor Radon Pollution by Short-Term Measurements"
Nastro V., Nastro A., Grimaldi D.

"Optimal Tube Position in a Single-Row Fin and Tube Heat Exchanger"
Kanaris A.G., Bougeard D., Russeil S., Harion J.L.

"Influence of Exhaust Modeling in CFD Study of Scavenging Process in Two Stroke Engines"
Hariharan R., Venkatesan N.M., Krishnamoorthy J.