IC-SCCE - International Conference from Scientific Computing to Computational Engineering

Poster Session

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

"A Neurocomputational Self-Organizing Modeling Exploration of an Autistic Spectrum Disorder Causal Hypothesis"
Revithis S., Tagalakis G.

"Modeling and Numerical Analysis of an Implanted Cervical Functional Unit"
Stoia D., Tascau T., Dreucean  M., Rusu  L.

"Numerical Simulations of Air Flow in a Pneumatic Pulsator".
Wernik J., Wolosz K.

"Numerical and Experimental Study of Liquid Flow Caused by a Moving  Tube Bundle at Low Reynolds Number"
Wolosz K., Urbaniec K.


  Thursday, July 10th, 2008

"Methodology and Algorithm for 3D Reconstruction of the Geometry of Vessels from Biplane Angiographic Views"
Manos T., Pilou M., Sokolis D.P., Dimitriou C.A., Kakisis J.D., Karayannacos P.E., Tsangaris S.

"Mobility Study of an Upper Limb Prosthesis"
Menyhardt K., Tascau T.

"Model of the Dynamic Behaviour for the Human Body-Cabin System in Case of Mobile Machinery"
Mihalcea A.

"Modeling of Viscoelastic Isolators Consisting Composite Neoprene with High Damping Capacity"
Bratu P.

"Noise Sources of a Turboengine and the Environmental Impact "
Cretu M., Ionescu A.C., Hassu I.L., Ionescu S.E.

"Optimized Calculation of Natural Frequencies of Rectangular Plates by Ritz’s Method and Experimental verification by Laser Interferometry"
Bayon A., Nieves F.J., Gascon F.

"Software Approaching for Heat Transfer Evaluation"
Murariu G., Chirila M.

"The Computer Program for Freezing by Fluidization Using the Physics model"
Chirila M., Murariu G.

Friday, July 11th, 2008

"Applications of Wavelets Analysis to Noisy Image"
Laib Dit Leksir Y., Bendjama H., Allag A., Mansour M., Drai R.

"Safety Evaluation of Wheel for High Speed Train Based on Fracture Scenarios and Fracture Mechanics"
Kwon S.M., Seo J.W., Ham Y.S., Lee D.H.

"Source Identification of Selected Airborne Pollutants Using Concentration and Wind Roses Simulated around Al-Ahmadi Governorate in the State of Kuwait"
Al-Salem S.M., Al-Fadhlee A.A.

"Stress Analysis and Fatigue Evaluation of the Web Plate Considering Residual Stress"
Seo J.W., Kwon S.J., Kown S.T.