IC-SCCE - International Conference from Scientific Computing to Computational Engineering

Poster Session

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006, 13:00-18:00

"Application of New Acoustic Parameters in Pathological Speech Diagnosis".

Wszolek W., Szaleniec J.

  "Impact of Public Transport Services on the Acoustic Climate of the Cracow Agglomeration".

Ciesielka W., Adamczyk J.

 "Noise Barrier - Local Improvement of Acoustic Climate".

Adamczyk J., Ciesielka W.

 "Simulation Research of Railway Crossing with Stiffness Control".

Targosz J.

 "Technical Vibroisolation".

Targosz J.

 "Vibroisolation of Railway Crossing".

Adamczyk J., Targosz J.

  Thursday, July 6th, 2006, 9:00- 18:00

"A Computerized Method for the Assessment of Hip Osteoarthritis Severity Utilizing the Region Moment Representation Approach".

Boniatis I.S., Costaridou L.I., Cavouras D.A., Panagiotopoulos E.C., Panayiotakis G.S.

 "Analyse of Voice Signal of Patients with ALS".

Czaja M., Wszolek W.

"Examining the Luminescence Performance of Granular Phosphor Screens"

Liaparinos P., Kandarakis I., Cavouras D., Panayiotakis G.

 "Experimental Tests on Effects of the Vehicle Traffic on the Persons Staying in the Buildings".

Rozowicz J., Nader M., Korzeb J.

 "Fast and Non-Invasive Diagnosing of ALS- New Possibilities".

Czaja M., Tomik B.

 "Geometrical Computations for Modeling the Behavior of Soft Tissue".

Manitsaris A., Dimitropoulos K., Kotini I.

"Hepatic Cells Deformation: Simulating a Pathological Condition Resulting in Jaundice".

Dimitropoulos K., Manitsaris A., Mavridis I.

 "In Vivo Measurements of Lipid Content in Skeletal Muscle with 1H MRS: A Preliminary Study".

Karatopis A., Benekos O., Kelekis N., Eustathopoulos E., Kandarakis I.

 "Separation of Rhythm Origin in Arrhythmia Diagnosis".

Ahmed Saadia., Asghar A., Ahmed Rana T., Imran Majeed S.M.

"Study on the Impact of Percentage of Stenosis on Wall Pressure in a Stenotic Coronary Artery".

Mandal D.K., Chakrabarti S.

 "Synthesis and Characterization of ETS-10 by the Use of Cationic Cetyltrimethylammonium Surfactant as Template".

Turta N.A., Vuono D., De Luca P., Bilba N., Nastro A.

Friday, July 7th, 2006, 9:00-18:00

"Active Noise Cancellation of Variable Frequency Narrow Band Noise using New Adaptive Step Size FX-LMS Algorithm".

Sadoghi Yazdi H., Mardani Mehrabad. A.

 "Asymmetric Periodic Orbits from the Triangular Equilibrium Points of the Restricted Four-Body Problem".

Papadakis K.E.

 "Computer Controlled Measurement of Thermal Conductivity of Fluids".

Codreanu C., Obreja V., Codreanu N.

 "Evaluation of Optimization Methods used for Applications in Liquid Chromatography".

Nikitas P., Pappa-Louisi A., Papageorgiou A., Stafiej J.

 "Mechanical Behavior of Anchors under Seismic Loading".

Sichaib A., Ung Quoc H., Boussa H., Mounajed G., Laborderie C.

"Particulate Matter in Urban air. A Case study: Primary School".

Filice M., De Luca P., Vuono D., Nastro A.

 "Selected Aspects of the Noise Emission Tests as Carried out at the Underground Railway Station at Wilson Square, Warsaw".

Nader M., Rozowicz J., Korzeb J.

 "Ship's Roll Effect on Raw CTD Data Mismatching".

Lazaryuk A., Ponomarev V., Vanin N.

 "The Analysis of Dynamic Influences the Chosen Means of Transportation on Buildings - the Experimental Investigations".

Korzeb J., Nader M., Rozowicz J.

 "The Manifold of Symmetric Periodic Solutions of the Restricted Four-Body Problem".

Papadakis K.E. 

"Towards State Estimation in Factorized Form".

Suzdaleva E.A.