IC-SCCE - International Conference from Scientific Computing to Computational Engineering

Poster Session

POSTER SESSION I                WEDNESDAY, 8 September                       14:00 – 18:20


"Finite Volume and Finite Element Methods Applied to Backward Facing Step Flows". Kozel K., Louda P., Svacek P., Prihoda J.

"MHD Compressible Turbulent Boundary-Layer Flow with Adverse Pressure Gradient and Heat and Mass Transfer". Dimas S., Kanellopoulos G., Xenos M.

"The Utilization of Catia Knowledge Advisor for the Complete Parameterization of a Linear Hydraulic Motor". Ghionea I.G.

"Generating Venturi Effect for Cooling through the Design of Shading Device's Slats". Yusof M.Z., Aris M.S.,Jafar A., Yusup S.

"Comparative Study by Tests Mechaniques and Analyses by the Finite Element Method of Structures Rivetees". Ghazi A., Benamar B.

"The Influence of the Geometrical and Material Parameters on the Distribution of the Constraints in the Joint of Adhesive". Benamar B., Ghazi A.

 POSTER SESSION II                     THURSDAY, 9 SEPTEMBER                           09:00 – 18:00


"Comparison Between Computers and Human Body". Luculescu M.C., Lache S.

"Understanding of Speech Pathology using Artificial Intelligence Methods". Tadeusiewicz R., Wszolek W.

"Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in Modern Production Systems". Rosu M.M., Ghionea I.G.

"Modeling Nonlinear Industrial Process for Adaptive System with On-line Identification". Gromaszek K.

"Parametric Sensitivity - A Useful Tool in Predicting the Mechanical Structure Design Changes". Lache S., Luculescu M.

"Expert System for Paper Making Process Diagnosis". Kurnicki A., Zielipski T., Krolopp W.

"The Direct Computer Modeling Approach to Continuous Media Dynamics: C++ Implementation". Soiguine A.



POSTER SESSION III                        FRIDAY, 10 SEPTEMBER                                09:00 – 18:00


"Estimation of the Critical Voltage Gradient to Corona Audible Noise from Power Lines Prediction". Wszolek T., Tadeusiewicz R., Batko W.

"Numerical Simulation of Ultrasonic Wave Propagation in Welds". Predoi M.V., Motomancea A.

"Acoustics of a Contemporary Opera Hall". Adamczyk J., Kowal J., Stryczniewicz L.

"Application of Artificial Intelligence Methods for Aiding of Noise Monitoring System". Wszolek W., Wszolek T., Tadeusiewicz R.

"An Expert System for Noise-induced Sleep Disturbance : A Fuzzy Approach". Zaheeruddin, Jain V.K.

"Traffic Vibrations - Monitoring". Adamczyk J., Kowal J., Targosz J.